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upd, nkk, 99z, v, d6o, uva, 7, y, This Will Shock You!! Meghan Markle Sends Personal Message To The America’s Got Talent Contestant Who Was Prison For 36 Years!! - The Tech Education
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This Will Shock You!! Meghan Markle Sends Personal Message To The America’s Got Talent Contestant Who Was Prison For 36 Years!!

A Shocking Personal Video Message From Duchess Of Sussex!

Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance on the season finale of America’s Got Talent. She sent a video message to singer Archie Williams. Well, Archie was imprisoned for 36 years until his release last year.

Also, Williams’s history touched the heart of the Duchess of Sussex, 39. Meghan appeared in a surprise video from her home.

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Noting to some of her words: ‘Hi Archie! I just wanted to let you know that we have been so moved by your story, and we have been cheering you on every week’.

Full Insight!

Meghan also, joked that her support for Williams was ‘not just because we’re partial to the name,’. Subsequently making the connexion between the singer’s name and that of her son Archie, 16 months.

Source: Google

‘So a very special message to you that I will probably be saying all of my life, but tonight, it is specifically for you,’ she added. This full message really left us to think deeply about what Markle wanted to point out.

William’s Story!

Williams was arrested in 1983. This was after a rape victim saw his photograph in a lineup and told police to ‘look for someone who looked like him’,. Moreover, this was much before positively identifying him from a different lineup the following day.

However, a friend of the victim who had come face to face with the attacker identified a different person from the lineup.

Williams also testified that he was asleep at the time of the attack in Baton Rouge. At the time his mother and two others said they had seen him sleeping at home.

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