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This Screenshot Might Be The First Implicit Confirmation Of Apples AR Headset

Is no secret which Apples been quietly hoping to construct an augmented reality headset.

able Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have all suggested Apples aiming to make it in 2019 and ship it in 2020 is just today.

It comes to us at the Kind of the screenshot from iOS developer and reliable leak-finder Steve Trough ton-Smith:
Star Board. Garta.

The screenshot pretty

Apple is testing an internal apparatus known as Garta and if you would like to test your stereo AR programs with that apparatus, you need to set them tower mode so that it can apply different distortion than if the app is beingĀ  rather than.

Which implies that Garta is a stereoscopic AR headset since that the kind of apparatus you’d wear, and then would adapt how an augmented reality app would look to coincide with lenses in front of your eyes. (AR and VR headsets typically fix their computer graphics projection to properly stretch across your field of view while using as little processing capacity as you can.)For now, is only the most explicit sign however (though still implicit) that Apple is indeed working on an AR headset.

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