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This Is Why China Is Supporting Biden Over Trump

It is quite shocking to know that Donald trump’s eldest son himself retold the public that democratic presidential candidate Mr. Joe Biden could be the best thing that China could hope for.

Republican National Convention

On this last Monday, Donald Trump said that the Biden is a little weak towards China. Even the intelligence community has come to a fact that the Chinese community party is in favor of Biden’s side. Last Monday on Republican National Convention, Trump said the Biden will make all the people weak. He said Biden will become the reason for it.

People are starting to believe that China is supporting Biden to win this year. This has become the recent Republican punch line to use it against the Democrats. They have used this line for over many times whenever there is a display of the Republic Nation Convention.

William Evanina Statement

William Evanina from The US National Centre intelligence and security center director said on August 7 that the china is already preferring that Mr. Trump does not have a chance to win re-election. Mr. William did not mention anything that said China is seeking for Biden to take over the administration which will be beneficial in their interest.

Trump’s Twitter Post

Trump took this statement into consideration and did not hesitate to reply. Last Wednesday he tweeted on the social media and said that if the Chinese state and their people, as well as the leaders of China, want Biden to win this year’s US election and if this Happens ( also mentioned that this will not happen) then the whole china will take over the country.

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He also added by saying that even their Recovered Settling stock will be in trouble if he wins. This was not the usual way to use the strategy in the US Election but Unluckily the Election is being conducted when there’s a lot of disputes among the two countries.

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Trump’s Allies

During the Republican National Convention, Trump’s Allies used the name of China as a defense to support the president’s achievements. There are some people who still blame China for Unloosing the Corona Virus and support Trump’s decision on Closing the US borders to avoid any travelers from China.

The United States has now become the most affected country throughout the world and has lost many lives during this pandemic. Still, the Trump Administration started looking for the origin of the virus instead of Handling the actual problem.


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