The Witcher 4: CD Projekt Red Mention Interest In A Game With Ciri As The Lead

If we do ever get a Witcher 4, it’s not going to have Geralt as the lead. We know that much for sure. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concluded his story quite brilliantly. Seeing him hop onto Roach, two swords on his back would ruin the delight of that ending.

The Witcher 4 Wouldn’t Feature Geralt In The Lead

The Witcher 3’s Blood And Wine expansion, in particular, wrapped up his story in a neat little bow. However, developers CD Projekt Red have already said that they’re not quite done with the world of The Witcher just yet. We’ve already seen a bit of that curiosity with Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

We may still get another game on top of that one, likely after Cyberpunk 2077 is done and dusted. Whether that game will be The Witcher 4 is anyone’s guess. Many fans have expressed their wish to see Ciri take the lead in the next game in this series. One of these is VG247’s Kirk McKeand.

The Witcher 3 Writer Teases A Game With Ciri As The Lead


In a recent Q&A session with CD Projekt Red, he got to ask CD Projekt Red this exact question. “Have you ever considered continuing The Witcher series with Ciri as a lead?”, he asked. The response that he got from The Witcher 3’s principal writer Jakub Szamałek was quite interesting, to say the least.

“Interesting question. Would you like to play a game with Ciri as a lead character?” he responded. Duh. We all would. The few sections of The Witcher 3 where we got to play as Ciri are extremely memorable. Her incredible teleportation powers make her really fun to play as in combat.

The Witcher 4 Is Still A Hypothetical

McKeand also mentions certain other things that Szamalek mentioned throughout their conversation. “I regret we didn’t get to explore Ciri’s past a bit more. She’s such an amazingly rich and complex character,” he explained.

We’re all hoping that this regret will turn into motivation for The Witcher 4, whenever that time comes. Until then, we wait to see what Cyberpunk 2077 has in store for us.


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