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“The Swamp Ghost”- The Holy Grail Of Military Aviation! The Mystery Still Continues…

The Agaimbo Swamp!

The Agaimbo swamp is one of the most isolated regions of Papua New Guinea. This area is mainly infested with malaria-carrying mosquitoes and giant crocodiles. Moreover, the vegetation is dense, and the temperature always remains high, and the heat is scorching.

And when it comes to the most mysterious place, I think this is the place where we can expect the lost things to be found. The rarest place to spot a Second World War bomber plane. But this is precisely what was discovered there in 1972 by members of the Australian Air Force.
Swamp Ghost

About the Plane!

The bomber spotted was a B-17E Flying Fortress and a four-engine heavy bomber which was used by the United States Air Force. Moreover, it was initially piloted by Captain Fred Eaton. Furthermore, the bomber took part in one of the first air attacks by the United States Army Air Force. It was during the time of the Second World War.

Although at the time of the war, the United States sent a  large number of troops to fight Nazi forces in Europe. Moreover, they also face a heated battle in the Pacific Theatre.

However, it was against all the odds that Eaton and his men were on their way back to base at Long Reach in Queensland, Australia, but they crashed into Agaimbo Swamp on February 23, 1942.



The plane suffered several hits as it ran out of fuel. There was no chance of finding it back however, it reappeared. When the bomber made its appearance, David Tallichet decided to take it out from the swamp. Moreover, he was helped by his family and an aircraft salvage expert named Alfred Hagen. By 2010 the job was finished. They nicknamed the plane ‘Swamp Ghost.’

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