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2wr, gq, 4bi, no, rc, 5b4, hz, The Shooting Of 'Without Remorse' Resumes, Lead Actor Micheal B Jordan Gets Back To Work Donning A Face Mask - The Tech Education
Micheal B. Jordan
Source: Daily Mail
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The Shooting Of ‘Without Remorse’ Resumes, Lead Actor Micheal B Jordan Gets Back To Work Donning A Face Mask

In lieu of the ongoing pandemic, film productions were put on halt. But recently Micheal B Jordan was spotted heading back to the shooting of his upcoming movie.

Micheal B Jordan Resumes Shooting

Film shootings are being resumed after a long gap because of the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone is getting back to the sets following all the safety protocols. Thus Micheal B Jordan was recently spotted in Los Angeles heading to the shoot of his upcoming film Without Remorse.

Micheal B. Jordan
Source: Daily Mail

The actor was donning a white face mask as a precautionary measure against the deadly virus. As he was walking towards the sets of his upcoming movie. Jordan plays the role of a navy in the film, he was seen in the complete Navy costume designed for his character.

As the shooting has resumed, the production team is abiding by the safety protocols making it mandatory for all the crew and cast members to wear masks.

About The Movie

Without Remorse is adapted from a novel by Tom Clancy and is being directed by Stefano Sollima. This action thriller has Micheal B. Jordan as the lead. And he plays the pivotal character of a Navy is on a quest to find his wife’s murderer and take the revenge of her death.

Micheal B. Jordan
Source: Getty Images

So this film is going to be a power packed action thriller with full of twists and turns. Before the pandemic outbreak Without Remorse was meant to be released on the theatres. But now as per the reports we will get a digital release of the movie in Amazon Prime.

As the producers have confirmed that the rights of Without Remorse has been sold to Amazon. Although the release date has not been confirmed yet but we can expect it to release somewhere around mid 2021.

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