The Rachel Maddow Show" Donald Trump
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” The Rachel Maddow Show” Donald Trump Rushes Trip To Miltary Medical Centre

The” Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC was unable to interfere into an interesting conclusion after new reporting on President Donald Trump. Rushed to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in November.

Here are some interesting details that we know until know “. In November, you may remember a little bit a health scare or at least a lot of health questions asked about Trump.

The Rachel Maddow Show" Donald Trump

Saturday afternoon in mid-November  Trump hurried to Walter Reed Medical Centre. This was clearly an unknown trip, this was a surprise, and that leads to a hell lot of questions.

The Rachel Maddow Show: Inside’s

“The White House makes up some story about that sudden instant trip to Walter Reed. This is been a long segment of the annual physical.

And Trump was like doing a bit of. It as if physical is a thing that’s happening in the episode over the season or something.” she joked ” This was very strange, that it’s not how physical work.”

“The hospital reported that medical staff is so equipped that there is no need for Trump to rush off for the hospital.”She reported “But rushed he was. What was that all about?”

Maddow defined how Vice President Mike Pence was “on Standby to Take over ” if Trump requires general anaesthesia at Walter Reed.

She explained that” whatever it was that important enough that Mike pence would be on standby. Maddow denoted that “If you had gone under anaesthesia to have a physical, nobody has an annual physical”


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