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The Party Freaks Reached At Bars And Pub, Said That It’s Their Last Opportunity Before The Rule Of Six Comes In Force

Soon the Government is going to enforce the Rule of six in many states. The Party maniacs are all over the place holding a beer and having fun with others. In the city of Manchester, the government has issued a letter which said that from Monday onwards the restrictions will be applied in England.

Why People Are So Rapidly Visiting Pubs And Bars?

Some Drinkers went to bars and pubs throughout the states because of its one and only chance before the restrictions. However, the beer gardens and some restaurants that are located in Manchester, looked almost busier on Friday nights. In addition to this, people will take all their time having fun with their friends.

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Rule Of Six

Few people in the city were seen, having meals in the restaurants in every place in the country. The new rules say that a person could only meet up to 30 people from two households in public. This rule is said to be applied from this coming Monday.

The rules say that each member should belong to different households, and it is applicable in both indoors and outdoors. There will be some exemptions but the people have to manage during this pandemic. In short, the rule means that a particular family could meet up with one other person.

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Possible Measures For Coronavirus

The police departments are trying their best to avoid any kind of Party weekend during this time. As per the reports, the Big Boozy event which is planned in England will now come to an end within this last freedom of Weekend.

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There are some famous and important such as Boozy ‘The bottomless Bunch” and other parties which will be at Bars in Shoreditch are sold out. There’s another party that is known as rooftop party at a Brixton pub and a few beach parties.

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