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The Medium Casts Troy Baker As The Maw

The Medium has added Troy Baker to its cast, because of course it has. He will be playing a villainous entity known as The Maw. This reveal came at the end of the game’s behind-the-scenes showcase during Gamescom 2020’s Future Games Show.

Troy Baker Talks About Playing The Maw In The Medium

Baker also sat down with IGN to discuss how he’s approaching this role. He spoke about the differences there are between The Maw and the characters he has played before.

“I’ve played the brooding hero, I’ve played the anti-hero, I’ve played the hands-on-hips superhero [but The Maw] is something like I’ve never done before,” Baker explained. “There’s a fear and a challenge that comes with that, because you start asking yourself ‘can I do this? Is this something I can do?'”, he said.

The Medium

The Performance Capture Artist For The Maw Needed To Wear Stilts

Troy Baker has been a veteran in the industry for decades now. Often times, he has done performance capture for a role along with the voice acting. However, this time, that’s not happening. Another actor is doing the performance capture for The Maw, with Bake only lending his voice.

Part of the reason developers Bloober Team decided to do it this way is due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Baker is unsure he would’ve been able to do it himself due to how they were capturing The Maw’s movement.

“The guy that did a lot of the mo-cap for The Maw was on stilts,” he said. “I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do that. I’m always down to try, but I’ve learnt that there is an artistry when it comes to certain physicality,” he said.

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The Medium
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The Medium Is Not Coming To PS5 At Launch

Regardless of how they choose to bring The Maw to life, this entity is looking pretty creepy. We haven’t seen much of it so far, but what we have seen has a lot of potential. The Medium is supposed to come out during the holiday 2020 period. It will launch exclusively for the Xbox Series X and PC. The game may eventually makes it way to the PS5, though.

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