The Last Of Us Part II: No Plans For DLC, Multiplayer Still In The Works

It has been about a week since The Last Of Us Part II came out. Many people have already beaten it, so, naturally, they’re turning their attention to what’s next. The Last Of Us did get some story DLC called “Left Behind”. It expanded on Ellie’s story before she meets Joel, and fills in the gaps of events between Fall and Winter in the main story.

The Last Of Us Part II Won’t Have Any DLC

Left Behind is also a part of The Last Of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4. So, players were expecting some sort of extra content for The Last Of Us Part II as well. However, Neil Druckmann, the game’s director, confirmed that Naughty Dog has no such plans.

He revealed this information on Kinda Funny Games’ spoilercast for The Last Of Us Part II. This is a bit surprising, and perhaps a bit disappointing to hear. Left Behind was an amazing add on to the core story of The Last Of Us.


The Last Of Us Part II Also Came Without Multiplayer

I haven’t finished The Last Of Us Part II yet (loving it so far), so I’m sure that fans may have welcomes more content. That isn’t happening, though. Another thing that was part of The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us Remastered was the Factions Multiplayer component.

That’s another feature that’s missing from The Last Of Us Part II. Not every game needs multiplayer, but The Last Of Us’s Factions was extremely popular and for good reason. So, if you were looking for something similar, The Last Of Us Part II doesn’t have it.


Naughty Dog May Release A Multiplayer Experience Separately From The Last Of Us Part II

That said, Naughty Dog is working on some form of a multiplayer experience. It’s going to come out as a separate release. “You will eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition,” Naughty Dog said according to Eurogamer.

Druckmann himself was asked about the multiplayer project’s status during Kinda Funny Games’ spoilercast, too. He didn’t give anything away, though. “I remember when we used to make multiplayer games,” he quipped.

The Last Of Us Part II is out now for the PlayStation 4.

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