The Last Of Us Part II: Metacritic User Score Has Been Review Bombed

The Last Of Us Part II is officially out, and it has come with a lot of baggage. A couple of months before the game’s release, many of its story details got leaked onto the internet. Those who saw these leaks were upset at what they read and saw.

The Last Of Us Part II Has A Strangely High Number Of Metacritic User Reviews

This negativity has become quite apparent in the game’s User Score on Metacritic. As it stands, the game has a rating of 3.9/10, from a total of an incredible 49924 ratings. Out of these, 7564 are positive, 982 are mixed, and 18340 are negative.

The rest of the user reviews are likely unscored. These scores are unlikely to be genuine reviews from people who have played the game. Firstly, we have the sheer volume of user reviews.

The Last Of Us Part II Already Has More User Metacritic User Reviews Than The Original

The Metacritic page for The Last Of Us on PlayStation 3 only has 9952 ratings in comparison, while that for The Last Of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4 has 9894 ratings. This despite the fact that these games came out 7 and 6 years ago respectively. The Last Of Us Part II only came out a few days ago.

The Last Of Us Part II director Neil Druckmann even pointed this out in his tweet a few days ago. He noted that the game had double the user scores as The Last Of Us just hours after its release.


The Last Of Us Part II’s Review Bombing Is Likely Due To The Leaks

So, it’s highly likely that many of the user scores, both positive and negative, are simply from people review bombing the game. For those of you who don’t know, review bombing is a practice where many people give negative ratings to a game as a form of protest.

In some cases, the reasoning behind this is fair, as was the case with Doom Eternal. However, in this case, much of it seems to have come from people who haven’t actually played the game but are still upset about the leaks.

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