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II Has The Highest Completion Rate Of All PS4 Games - The Tech Education
The Last Of Us Part II
Source: Gaming Bolt

The Last Of Us Part II Has The Highest Completion Rate Of All PS4 Games

The Last Of Us Part II has the highest rate of completion of any video game that’s available to play on PS4, as website Ungeek notes. The way they found out about this is fairly simple. Players who have completed the game get a Gold trophy labelled “What I Had To Do” for doing so.

The Last Of Us Part II Has An Impressive Completion Rate

The PlayStation Network also displays the percentage of total players who have a certain trophy. Ungeek then points out that 58% of players who own The Last Of Us Part II have it. That number could also be higher, of course. It’s possible that someone hasn’t connected to the internet since they got this trophy and synced it.

The previous record-holder in this department, Final Fantasy VII Remake, was at 53.3%. God Of War (51.8%), Marvel’s Spider-Man (50.7%) and Uncharted: Lost Legacy (50.3%) round out the top 5. This method of calculating a game’s completion rate isn’t perfect, of course.

The Last Of Us Part II Completion Rate
Source: Ungeek

Not All PS4 Games Give Out Singular Trophies For Finishing Them

It assumes that every game available of PS4 gives players a singular trophy for completing the campaign. Some games may not do this, while others may give out different trophies based on the difficulty that the players selected when they finished the game.

Still, for The Last Of Us Part II to have a completion rate this high is quite impressive. The game sold very well, of course, and it did get outstanding reviews from critics. However, fans weren’t exactly happy about the game’s story.

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The Last Of Us Part II Abby
Source: Polygon

The Last Of Us Part II Is Extremely Divisive

Many important moments from the story leaked about a month before the game came out. This led to many players having negative impressions of it before they played it. While this may have coloured the opinions of some players, the way the game plays out is undeniably divisive.

It may have been this divisiveness that motivated players to finish the story, though. Love it or hate it, The Last Of Us Part II has sparked a lot of conversation. So, it’s understandable that people may want to finish the game so they can participate in it themselves.

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