The Innocence Test

The Innocence Test In TikTok: How Innocent Are You?


Just when you thought there weren’t an unlimited amount of ways to learn stuff about oneself online, 2020 is set to conclude with one last iteration that’s taking TikTok by storm.¬†

The TikTok innocence test is the newest trend right now due to its accuracy in determining your level of innocence. The principle is simple – honestly answer a series of questions to determine your percentage of innocence.

However, how can I do the TikTok innocence test? Is it trustworthy? Should I quit taking quizzes that almost always result in an unsatisfactory outcome? Probably, but in the meanwhile, here are the answers to all of your TikTok innocence test questions.

The Innocence Test

The TikTok innocence test is a little lengthy but well worth the time if you have it. If this, together with a hint at the kind of questions they would ask above, hasn’t prevented you from determining your innocence, here are the steps:

  • To access the TikTok innocence test website, click here.
  • Select the emoji-encrusted statements that pertain to you by scrolling through them.
  • Once you’re finished, click “compute my score,” and you’ll be given a score out of 100 along with a statement stating how innocent you are.

That concludes our discussion! You’ll want to brag about how rebellious you are on TikTok now (obviously), so be sure to inform your followers later about how innocent (or un-innocent) you are.

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Is the TikTok test for innocence scientific?

As scientific as a quiz that questions “given head,” maybe, there is some academic theory behind it.

According to the site, in the 1980s, Rice University in Houston conducted a poll of 100 questions called the Rice Purity Test. 

The university would utilize this to determine a person’s innocence on numerous matters such as sex and drugs. The TikTok innocence test bills itself as a “contemporary reimagining of the traditional purity test.”

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There is some explicit material there, but it is likely realistic for a younger age. At the very least, they provide a caution for impressionable young users of the trial: “NOTE: The Innocence Test is not a bucket checklist, and we do not advocate the following behaviors.” Enjoy!

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