Swamp Ghost
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The Ghost Plane Of World War II Is Found

In a remote and a not so accessible place on earth, a bullet-riddled B17 bomber was found crash-landed. This bomber was lost for nearly half a century.

The bomber was found in Papua New Guinea more precisely in The Agaimbo swamp which is infected with malaria-causing mosquitos and contains crocodiles.

The Swamp Ghost

Swamp Ghost
Source: Google

Australian Air Force discovered it in 1972. The bomber plane was named B-17E, and it is a four-engine heavy bomber used by the USA in World War II.

But it was not until the 1980s for an effort to remove the bomber plane from the swamp. It was done by David Tallichet, who was a pilot in World War II and also a collector of warplanes.

He got help from his family and a guy named Alfred Hagen, who is an aircraft salvage expert.

They rescued the plane in 2010 and gave the nickname, ‘Swamp Ghost.’

The History Behind It

Swamp Ghost
Source: Google

The bomber plane was attacked by Japanese soldiers and suffered major hits and eventually landed in Papua New Guinea.

One must think that it happened because of the damage, but in truth, it stopped because it ran out of fuel.

The soldiers survived the crash but for six weeks had to walk through the malaria-infected swamp and bear the intense heat but soon they reunited with their group.

They didn’t take any rest, and within a week, they were among the clouds again.

Now the bomber plane is in Hawaii to be displayed at  Pacific Aviation Museum.


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