The Cellphone Company Is Responsible for Powering Trump Campaign

Here is trending news that president Donald Trump the campaign staff they all used the cellphone app to monitor the movements of supporters and access their social networks.

The app helped Trump’s team to get close and communicate with over 2.8 million supporters who have downloaded the app and the contacts they have if they gave the permission. People have downloaded the app more than any other apps in the US Presidential election, including the president elect Joe Biden.

The app tracks the behavior of users and in the physical world, pushes news, sells merchandise, fundraise, logs attendance at rallies and all the sync with the mass texting operations.

Austin-based Phunware Inc. the software company behind the app is now in total financial distress. The stock is being traded for pennies, the company as such agreed to pay Uber $4.5 million as the fraudulent advertising claims.

The company did receive a 2.9 million loan in April under the coronavirus Aid, relief and economic security act. As a result, the Phunware COO Randall Crowder have denied the favoritism from the Trump administration in regards of the loan.

The company still not returned the money as the administration afterwards asked for and that the public companies have received more than $2 million return it.

From the time of election, the app has been telling people to push out the content which supports Trump and he claims to be Fraud, and has tried to raise money for Trump’s Election Defense Fund.

The employees from Phunware allege that the engineers were all told to embed software it nature is it indivisibly tracking the software and follows the behavior of users in the app even if the user don’t want to.

As per the sources and reports that the Phunware biggest customer base lays in the hand of American Made Media Consultants, part of the Trump’s campaign which gave the company $2.4 million which is during the first nine month of the year. As a result, the app showed a huge dept in hand and can be continued.


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