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The Boys Season 2: Rumours About Cancellation And Everything!

The Boys

The Boys is developed for Amazon by Eric Kripke. It is an American superhero thriller web TV series.

The series is based on the comic book “the Boys” by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Till now, one season with eight episodes has been aired. This was premiered on July 26, 2019. It got an 8.7/10 ranking on IMDb.

Hence, witnessing the huge success and positive reviews in the form of appreciation by fans and critics, The series is all set to release Season 2!


‘Superhero!’ –whenever we hear this word the things that come to our mind are influential celebrities who are heroes for justice and positivity.

Also, sometimes, referred to as God! But, has anyone ever thought what will happen if these heroes start abusing their powers? Well, you will see something like this in this series!

So, coming to the story, the Seven and Vought, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate are hiding their dirty secret. Also, they are managing to pretend to be superheroes!

So, the boys head out one heroic quest to expose their truth. So, its a drama of thriller action and adventure of boys against the so-called “Superheroes”! Excited to watch? well, you can watch it anytime on Amazon Prime Videos!

The Boys Season 2 On Prime Videos? But When? Who's In The Cast ...

The Boys Season 2 Cancelled?

There were rumours regarding cancellation on season 2. Are these rumours true or not? Well, here we are with the answers. So, here is the good news. all these rumours are false!

Season 2 is going to be released soon! Fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2 Release and hopefully, Amazon will calm down fan’s excitement with more details.

Moreover, the makers have told that Season 2 will be there even before the release of Season 1. And, after witnessing great success of Season 1, Season 2 will definitely be there soon!

Release Date

Here’s again something exciting for viewers. The release date has been confirmed by Eric Kripke! So, The Boys Season 2 will be releasing on July 26, 2020.

There is no trailer out yet, but, a teaser has been released and its absolutely thrilling with intense action! This is really awesome!

Season 2, nonetheless, now seems nearer, given there was a tweet by the show’s creator. Eric Kripke.

He said that the airdate and other cool things will be announced pretty soon!

Apparently, at the time of writing the show, VFX and sound effects were likely to be hanging and work needs to be done to maintain them both.

A release date of summer might not be absolutely correct, given, our spring and summer has already gone down the drain with coronavirus hovering full-fledgedly.

Nonetheless, we might get to watch a new season sometime by the beginning of 2021, if at all the pandemic subsides. *ahem*.

Other Updates

Season 2 will include 8 episodes. All of them will be filled with thrill and action! Also, the Headings of the names of the episodes have been made.

So, season 2 is all set to be released! till then, for those who have not even watched Season 1, my advice to you is to go and watch. You are going to love it! After that you can enjoy season 2, which is right now in creating a buzz among us!


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