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yvj, jk3, The 2020 Kentucky Derby Is Like A Ghost House, Abandoned For The First Time
Kentucky Derby
Source; Google
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The 2020 Kentucky Derby Is Like A Ghost House, Abandoned For The First Time

Due to the pandemic, the Kentucky Derby happened this Saturday which usually occurs at the first weekend of May.

The Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby
Source: Google

The Kentucky Derby has always been full and never left barren, but this time it was mostly deserted. There were even talks against opening the Derby which has never happened before.

Protestors of  Louisville has been protesting against racism and police violence for 100 days and chose the Derby to protest for the 101st day.

Haven Harrington III, the CEO and host of Main Event Sports Radio who has been covering the Derby, said,

“It can’t just be big hats, pretty dresses … you have to say and do something to acknowledge the situation,”

He said the town has been waiting to know the decision of what will happen to the cop who killed Breonna Taylor. But the event soon turned into some sort of riot.

A group of counter-protesters marched to the memorial place of Taylor and protested against  Black Lives Matter supporters.

That group was lead by someone named “The Angry Viking” whose real name is Dylan Stevens, and before the fight started, he said that a civil war is coming soon.

No Police

Kentucky Derby
Source; Google

The weird thing is there was no police presence in this protest while they were all there for the before 100 protests. Make them suspect of supporting racism.

When asked about it, Louisville Metro Police said that their concentration is on Black Lives Matter march which will happen in Churchill Downs.


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