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Texans In The Locker Room During The National Anthem; Degrading The “Moment Of Unity”.

The NFL launched its season on, 10th September 2020, Thursday at the Arrowhead Stadium. The first match was between Kansas City Chiefs and Houstons Texans.

Racial Inequality And Misconduct

Chiefs were present for both the national anthems. However, Texans remained in their locker rooms during Chief’s national anthem.

Texan players were in their locker room during the national anthem of the Chiefs. They did not even attend the field while “Lift Every Voice And Sing”, known as the Black national anthem was played.

However, both teams met and linked their arms for ” moment of unity” for social justice.

Although the grace and importance of the “moment of unity” degraded as Texans hadn’t attended Chief’s national anthem.

The Chiefs remained for both the national anthems. They had left the field in between. However, they joined back when team owner Clark Hunt finished addressing the fans as part of the celebration.

For the “Star-Spangled Banner” the Chiefs were on their sideline and the defensive end Alex Okafor took a knee.

Football Fans To Watch Football And Not Politics

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the intensity of the crowd was less, and hence every word was audible. The fans sat in small groups throughout the stadium, even in the upper decks keeping social distancing in mind.

During, the “moment of unity” the Chief fans booed, and someone from the crowd yelled “Trump 2020″.

The Chief fans booed for the ” moment of unity” that was an effort for calling for social justice and removing racial inequality. A lot of twitter handles claimed that the fans had come to watch the football match and not politics.

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