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3, da9, qs, vp, Taylor Swift: Bonus Track Added To Her Forklore! Her Private Relationship Revealed! - The Tech Education
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Taylor Swift: Bonus Track Added To Her Forklore! Her Private Relationship Revealed!

The American singer Taylor Swift has released her another romantic folklore bonus track. The name of the road is the Lakes. however, according to the fans, that song is generally about her relationship with Joe Alwyn, which is still private.

Source Twitter

The drop-dead gorgeous has shocked all her fans. She has added another song to album Folklore.

Moreover, the singer has announced in her Instagram account about the release of the deluxe edition of the album. The deluxe version is available to download or stream.

Source Twitter

However, the album adds another bonus track named The Lakes. The sharp-eyed fans have speculated something profound. According to them, Taylor described her feelings for her beau.

The Lakes

The Lakes is a lovely soothing song. Meanwhile, the rest songs of the album are generally broken heart ones.

One of her Passage reads, “I’ve come too far | To watch some name-dropping sleaze | Tell me what my Wordsworth ish.”

Source Twitter

Furthermore, TS disclosed about her The Lakes, bonus track three weeks ago. When she posted Folklore, she added about the bonus track as well.

Swift is very private about her relationship now. But The Lakes is like describing the whole scenario without expressing anything directly.

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