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Netflix Confirms Sweet Magnolias Season 3 For 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Sweet Magnolias Season 3

Sweet Magnolias Season 3

Fans of Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias are getting ready for a third season of the show, which is still being made. Find out when the next season is expected to come out and what happened in the last season here.

The third season of Sweet Magnolias is now up and running on Netflix. And it’s just what we need to hear after being left on a cliffhanger. After the renewal was announced, executive producer Dan Paulson said in a statement, “We’re excited to start our third season for Netflix, and we’re looking forward to going back to Serenity.”

The cast also helped spread the word on social media. JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley all shared the news on Instagram. If you’re up to date on Sweet Magnolias you know that Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen all have big decisions to make, and it seems like whatever they do will affect the whole town of Serenity.

Thank God they always had margaritas to help them talk about their problems. Life has definitely gotten harder for the three of them, who are doing their best to figure out life and love in their small town with white picket fences.

But after a big cliffhanger that could affect everyone in a big way, let’s have a drink and talk about what to expect in the next season.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Release Date Details

Even though filming for Sweet Magnolias season 3 finished in October, fans won’t be able to watch the latest season on Netflix this year because of the post-production process that will come after filming. The team will put the finishing touches on the new season during the post-production process.

Even so, there isn’t much work or editing that needs to be done after the series is made. So, the brand-new season should come out on Netflix sometime in the first half of 2023. Not only that, but if we look at when the second season came out, which was in February, we can guess that the third season will also come out in February or March.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Expected Cast Details

Well, Sweet Magnolias wouldn’t be the same without the three central magnolias, who play Maddie Townsend, Dana Sue Sullivan, and Heather Headley, respectively (Helen Decatur). All of them are sure to come back.

Their kids Tyler, Kyle, and Annie, who is played by Carson Rowland, Logan Allen, and Anneliese Judge, will also be back. Chris Klein was known as the cheating Bill had a smaller role in season two, but he still has an effect on the main characters, so he’ll probably show up once or twice, even if it’s just to check on his many, many children.

Jamie Lynn Spears, who plays new mom Noreen, has also confirmed she’ll be back. She posted photos from her dressing room on the first day of filming with the caption “It’s giving #Season3” on Instagram. The natural blonde had teased Noreen’s return by posting a picture of herself with brown hair, the color of her character’s hair.

Brandon Quinn, who plays Maddie’s on-and-off-again husband Ronnie, had a bit of a redemption arc in season two and was welcomed back into the family home. So unless something big happens that involves a time jump and makes him run away, you can probably count on him to come back.

While this was going on, young Isaac (Chris Medlin), who had been looking for his birth parents in Serenity, was just getting back on his feet, and Cal (Justin Bruening) was taken into custody after he lost it because his old anger problems came back. It would be strange if he just disappeared without a word, though.

There may also be some new people on the show, but we’ll let you know about that when it happens.

What To Expect From Sweet Magnolias Season 3

The end of Season 2 is full of cliffhangers, just like the end of Season 1.

At the end of Season 2, Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue were sad about the death of Miss Frances (Cindy Karr). After the funeral, an unexpected thing happens in the restaurant: a proposal and a fight that ends with Cal being led away in handcuffs. We also know that someone came back after the main three saw a video of Sullivan’s delivery van’s tires being slashed.

Helen, who was played by Heather Headley, had a rough season 2 with a lot of bad things happening to her, but at the end of the season, Ryan asked her to marry him. Season 3 is probably going to start with the choice she makes.

In an interview with TVLine after the end of season 2, Sheryl J. Anderson answered many of the most important questions.

When asked who slashed Dana Sue’s tyres, Anderson said, “I’ll just say she has a history with our ladies and some other people in town.” He also said, “She’s been gone for a while, but she’s back with a plan. She’s come home to make things right.”

Anderson also said that Victoria could “possibly” come back and that other “troublemakers” could come back in the future. Dana Sue’s relationship was also talked about, and Anderson said that the three-way dance will probably stay hard.

Anderson told Glamor that there isn’t just one question going into season 3 compared to season 2. He said, “I hope the big question that everyone has at the end of season two is, Are they going to get a season three?”

Along with the news that the show would continue, it was said that JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley would all be back in their original roles.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Trailer: Is There One Yet?

We’ll have to wait a while for new footage, though, since there is no confirmed release date. Since filming has just begun, we have a while to wait.

What Do Fans Have to Say?

Fans of Sweet Magnolias have been very excited about the show’s third season. Many of them have posted very happy things on social media to show how happy they are. In July 2022, a Sweet Magnolias fan wrote on Twitter, “I need season 3 of Sweet Magnolias like yesterday.”

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