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Supreme Court of USA Rules In Favor Of DACA

The US apex court’s recent ruling has made Trump’s re-election chances bleak. His immigration plan also seems to have faced a severe jolt. By a 4-5 margin, the court said that Trump could not immediately halt the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Keeping in mind the elections are dreadfully near, Trump possibly cannot fight the Democrats over this policy now.

About DACA-An Obama Era Initiative

Announced by Obama on 15th June 2012, this is an immigration policy. Accordingly, it defers action against people brought as children in the United States unlawfully, as immigrants. It does not allow a concrete way to get citizenship but allows a renewable two year period against deportation, and become eligible for a work permit. To be eligible, people should have a record of felonies and other offences.

The outcome of this policy was mostly positive. It increased the wages of the recipients and provided them with employment. More importantly, it improved the overall mental health of the families that applied. Curbing rates of undocumented immigrants living in a perished environment; experts also say there is no evidence that it has harmed the economy of the country.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Opposition To The Policy

As soon as Obama planned to extend the policy to additional immigrant classes, it was met with opposition from multiple states. When Trump came in power, it announced efforts to rule out DACA in 2017. The government halted the implementation of this policy for six months. Since 2018, several courts have put their decisions on hold regarding wiping out the policy completely. Once declared unconstitutional, it was still allowed to remain in effect.

And now, the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the policy by a narrow margin. The rationale given by the apex court was that Trump’s team has not given adequate reasons under the Administrative Procedure Act. Chief Justice John Roberts’ vote proved to turn the decision in favour of the policy.

Ruling Might Cost Trump His 2020 Dream

Trump does not seem to be a fan of this policy since its inception. And now, tugging to it at a prime time could cost him his Hispanic vote base. More or less, what Trump could do is take DACA as a loss and move on. Neither does the party has time to enforce new regulations in place if this policy, nor does the immigrant population supports the decision to do so.

Along with bizarre revelations made by John Bolton’s book and the situation with China, this is a serious blow to his reputation. The reason for the same is that this breaks his immigration agenda into pieces. He has tried his best keep the problem at bay, but seems like the US can’t escape it anytime soon.

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