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Reaction To A 'Family Feud' Interogation He Did'nt Like! - The Tech Education
Steve harvey
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Steve Harvey’s Agitated Reaction To A ‘Family Feud’ Interogation He Did’nt Like!

Steve Harvey loves to be the Family Feud show host, but he doesn’t like his interrogation. In the Recent Episode, the question was, ” We Asked 100 women, You love Your Fiance, but hate the ring. What Do You Do?” Kenya, his family, answered Instantly, “Give It Back,” promptly, Steve shake his head.

After then, Klein Grabed A Chance by scoring more points and continues to express his anger. He then really backed out from the game and answered “tell him no” and ended up on the game board.

Steve harvey
Source; goodhousekeeping.com

Steve Harvey’s Agitated: Response

Steve then threw his hand in doubt: I wouldn’t say I like this question, man. Are you serious? I’ve got you to love him. But you hate the ring.’ You dump him?!” That said, everything gets better of Steve; the response he was looking for is “Keep It” and ended with taking a reply from 40 surveys. “Thank you, thank you to the 40 decent women,” Steve joked!

By the end of the show, the Klein family claimed the victory for “accidentally” lose the ring. Even after Klein’s family, people are drooling over Steve’s Reaction on youtube videos, which upgraded the TRP of the show Family Feud. In the comment section, one viewer wrote, “Thank you to the 40 decent women,” hahaha! The way Steve Harley reacted to Willie’s shot glass answer, priceless! ” How in the H-I does it fit in a shot glass!!” a different fan dreamed.

Well no one expected this kind of response, you bet my ass not even Steve , and his fans get good laugh out of it

Steve Harvey


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