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St. Louis Couple Mark And Patricia McCloskey Explain Why They Pointed Guns At Protesters

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a St. Louis couple who reside in the Central West End on Portland Place, stirred some controversy when they pointed guns at protesters who passed by their house. The protesters were on their way to the residence of St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson.

Mark And Patricia McCloskey Explain Their Actions Towards Protesters

The mayoral residence in on Lake Avenue, which is a block away from the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey. The protesters were headed there to protest the fact that Mayor Krewson had revealed the names and addresses of various people who were calling to defund the police.

Portland Place is a private street. Accessing it the street requires passing through an iron pedestrian gate. According to the McCloskeys, the protesters broke through the gate, which made them fearful for their lives.

“My clients, as melanin-deficient human beings, are completely respectful of the message Black Lives Matter needs to get out, especially to whites,” said their lawyer Albert Walkins according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Pedestrian Gate To Mark And Patricia McCloskey’s Private Street Seemingly Damaged

Footage from this protest also emerged on Twitter. It seemingly contradicts Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s claims that the protesters “broke down” the gates, though. The footage shows a few people holding the pedestrian gate open, while others are walking through it.

However, a KMOV report of the incident shows images of the same gate in a damaged state. It is unclear when that happened.


Protesters Fearful At Seeing Mark And Patricia McCloskey Pointing Guns At Them

The protesters themselves were a little worried about someone acting rashly at the sight of someone pointing a gun at them. “I was afraid (Patricia McCloskey) would open fire or accidentally discharge into the crowd. I was afraid someone among us would legitimately fear for their life and react defensively, which could’ve sparked a blood bath,” protester James Cooper told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Eventually, the protest did reach Mayor Lyda Krewson’s residence. They called for her resignation, as well as the resignation of much of the St. Louis Police Department.

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