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Spike In Coronavirus Cases Forces Arizona To Shutdown Once More

The number of coronavirus cases in Arizona saw a massive spike recently. This following the state’s decision to reopen. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has decided to roll back their reopening plans and once again shut down the state.

Governor Announces Shutdown As Arizona Coronavirus Cases Surge

The governor made this decision after 3858 more people tested positive for the coronavirus in one day. This marks the highest single-day increase in Arizona’s coronavirus cases. This is also the 7th time in the last 10 days that Arizona has recorded more than 3000 cases.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s data, Arizona has 419 average daily cases per million. As of 2019, the Arizona population in total stands at around 7.2 million.


Arizona Governor Announces Closure Of Bars, Gyms

Governor Ducey took to Twitter to announce various restrictions that he will be imposing to curb the coronavirus’ spread. “We are instituting a month-long pause on the operations of bars, gyms, movie theaters, waterparks and tubing rentals. This will help relieve stress on our health care system and give time for new transmissions to slow,” he wrote on Twitter.

They are also prohibiting events that involve the gathering of more than 50 people. Arizona is also postponing the reopening of schools to August 17, 2020.

Governor Expects Arizona Coronavirus Case Numbers To Increase

“We must be clear-eyed. The next few weeks will be hard. But these steps combined with stepped-up compliance with public health guidance can make a difference, and we’re grateful to Arizonans for their cooperation,” he wrote, ending this Twitter thread.

He was equally cautious during his press conference. “Our expectation is that our numbers next week will be worse,” he said.

All-in-all Arizona has seen a total of 74,500 cases since the pandemic started. They have also recorded a total of 1588 deaths so far. Other states which were planning to reopen, such as Texas and California, are also following suit.

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