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Spectros Season 2: When Will It Be Released And What Will Be the Story?

spectros season 2

What is the fate of Netflix’s cosmic horror thriller, Spectros, and will it be picked up for another season? These are the premiere dates, storylines, and cast members for Spectros Season 2. When a possessed porcelain doll is stolen by a group of teens, they find themselves in a terrifying situation.

On the 20th of February, 2020, Netflix released the first season. Brazilian spectacular Spectros takes place in the Liberdade region. Mila (Cláudia Okuno), Carla (Mariana Sena), Pardal (Danilo Mesquita), Léo (Enzo Baron), and Zeka (Drop Dashi) are a group of young people tasked with figuring out how to keep ghosts out of the real world. Season one ends with a cemetery brawl for the characters of Spectros.

An army of ghosts is closing in on the teens, and the witch Zenóbia (Miwa Yanagizawa) and the Necromancer (Norival Rizzo) both want the doll as payment for their efforts to save them. When the doll is smashed, the doll’s spirit will be released and the living and dead worlds will be eternally reunited.

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Spectros Season 2 Release Date

So yet, there has been no formal confirmation that Season 2 of Spectros will be renewed. In terms of repurposing horror series for a third season, Netflix has a mixed record. However, although The Haunting Of Hill House has already wrapped up production for season two and the occult thriller The Order has been extended for a second season, drama Marianne was canceled after only one season due to low ratings in France.

Spectros does not yet have a Rotten Tomatoes score, but it does have a dismal IMDB rating of 4.8 stars. On the other side, the show’s Twitter followers have responded favorably to it. No one knows whether the film’s unique cultural fusion of Japanese Shinto ghosts and Brazilian witchcraft will be enough to rescue the picture from a certain disaster. If Spectros were to be renewed, the second season would debut in early 2021.

Spectros Storyline

The second season of Spectros would have a lot of material to work with.. According to Mila, there are now permanent spirits in Liberdade, and they may seek retribution against the main characters. Interaction between these characters might be at the heart of Spectros season 2.

There are repercussions to the freeing of The Bride, the princess’s spirit that converted the haunted porcelain doll into an unbreakable link between life and death, in season two of Spectros; the living and dead status quo have been permanently changed. The dynamic between Carla and her mother might be one of the series’ high points in season 2.

There are no orphaned teenagers left in season 2 of Spectros, and Carla is the only one who is still alive. Even if her mother tells her not to return, Carla refuses to confront her fears about this parental figure who abandoned her at the conclusion of the first season.

Spectros season 2 would very surely include Okuno, Sena, Mesquita, and Barone again as the show’s primary characters. Despite Zeka’s failure to survive the first season, he still seeks to connect with Carla in the finale, hinting that Dashi is still alive. A cliffhanger at the conclusion of the finale leaves Zenobia’s fate in the hands of Yanagizawa, who might return in season 2 of Spectros if the ashes are not given to her.

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While Celso’s (Carlos Takeshi) death looks to be decisive in the end, Spectros is about the gradual breakdown of the barrier between the living and the dead, so it’s unclear how convincing this is. Season 2 of this Latin American horror thriller, Spectros, will explore these and other subjects if Netflix decides to greenlight it.

Final Words

Until the show’s renewal is announced, there will be no Season 2 trailer. For now, you’ll have to wait till the series is out. If you’re interested in seeing this series, it’s available on Netflix to stream in its entirety.

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