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Situation Worsens In Kentucky As Clashes Between Anti-Racism Protesters And Police Supporters Turn Violent.

There has been a violent clash among Black Lives Matter protesters and police supporters in Kentucky. As the clashes turn violent Rochester police takes hold of the situation. And were bound to use tear gas.

Protests Turn Violent In Kentucky

Anti-racism protests are on the rise in the US. After the racial killings of George Floyd , Breonna Taylor and recent shooting of Jacob Blake the Black Lives Matter protests are becoming more frequent. So on September 5 before the Kentucky Horse race hundreds of protesters gathered near the venue of the race.

Source: Reuters

And situation worsened when a violent clash between the anti-racial protesters and the armed police supporters occurred. As the Black Lives Matter protesters wanted the race to be called off. But the police supporters opposed their protests.

Thus leading to a violent clash. As the anti-racist protesters were chanting ”No Justice, No Derby.” Therefore demanding justice for the black Americans who became the victim of police brutality.

Moreover the recent brutality by the Rochester police also came to light. And that is related to the death of another Black American Daniel Prude.

As a Rochester Police officer suffocated him with a hood after his arrest. Although this incident took place in March but the entire incident came to light recently . And that is when his family held a press conference.

Rochester Police Takes Hold Of The Situation

As the clashes among the anti-racial protesters and police supporters turned violent the Rochester police took hold of the situation. And had to use tear gas, baton and pepper gas.

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Source: Reuters

Moreover the Rochester Police has said that the protesters hurled rocks and fireworks at the police. Thus making the protests more violent. The Kentucky protests had more than 2,000 people as they opposed the Derby Horse race. And demanded justice for the black Americans mercilessly killed and tortured by the police.

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