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Since Kindergarten, This Couple Has Been Together For Two Decades.

Avery McCain Honeycutt and Dian Lewis have been best friends for over two decades now. They’ve been at each others side through kindergarten, awkward puberty days and beautiful glow ups.

Unlike the overrated fact of soulmates in a romantic relationship, it is often seen that there more likely to be found in platonic relationships.

People meet their platonic soulmates while crossing paths, but lucky are those who get to grow up with them. Avery and Dian have seen each other through thick and thin and stuck by each other’s side.

The incredible bond between them has gone viral right after Avery posted a short video on TikTok. It was a compilation of their 20-year long journey from KG till date.

She captioned the video, “Meet my best friend, Dian. In August we are celebrating 20 years as sisters. Grew up, glowed up, and growing together.”

The video gained over 2 million likes on TikTok since June. The video is all over other social media platforms where everyone is in awe.

Redditor Orange KM posted the video.  She posted it to the MadeMeSmile community, and it was then, the video became viral. User 1zo3p192 commented on the post, telling about her friendship with KyloWrench that has been for over 30 years.

ohforfuckssakeintx shared a similar but heartbreaking story that she recently lost her best friend after 26 years of togetherness. In her comment, she wrote. “Lost my best friend of 26 years recently. Not only am I grieving the loss of her, but I am also grieving all of our histories. So much of my memories involve her, and I feel lost. She was not only my best friend but became my sister. She was only in her early 40’s. Spend time with your loved one’s guys.”

Meanwhile, other users just commented on how jealous they were of such a beautiful bond.

r10n_sharkfin revealed that they’d had a similar experience. “Same. As an army brat, it was difficult as hell to make friendships without them being ruined after two or three years. My longest-lasting ones were when I lived in Germany from 2000 to 2005, but since then I only ever kept in contact with one friend… and things have been quiet the last two years.”




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