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Shroud Joining Sentinels | Legend Returning After Years ‘Shroud’

shroud sentinels

shroud sentinels

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, a famous streamer, is getting back into competitive FPS after being away for years. Sentinels announced that the former CS:GO pro will join the team’s VALORANT roster.

Today, the organisation sent out a simple video on Twitter to let people know about the purchase. The VALORANT community was shocked and surprised by the announcement, which didn’t give any more information. Some people even wondered if it was real.

When the team’s upcoming run at the North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier begins, shroud will be taking over the controller role, according to sources within the organisation who confirmed the move to George Geddes and Dot Esports. Although it’s not yet clear who shroud is stepping in for, it’s likely that TenZ and ShahZaM are still in the game. ShahZaM is still the IGL, according to shroud on stream.

Geddes and Dot also received confirmation from a Sentinels source that, in the event that Sentinels advance past the LCQ, Shroud will compete at VCT Champions. Additionally, Shroud mentioned during the stream that the team’s boot camp “is coming up.”

Shroud may fill in for SicK, who has been experiencing mental health issues over the past month or so. Prior to him leaving the team, SicK was also filling the controller role.

28-year-old Shroud has played professionally in CS:GO in North America ever since the game’s release, most notably for Cloud9 from 2014 to 2017. He moved to full-time streaming for the organisation in 2017 after stepping down from the starting roster, and in 2018 he left the organisation and became an independent. In October 2019, he agreed to a sizable exclusive contract to stream on Mixer, but he switched back to Twitch when the streaming platform shut down in August 2020.

Shroud has not, in any way, participated in professional VALORANT, but he has played a lot of it live and has co-streamed many VCT events. A date in August has been set for the NA LCQ.

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