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Shocking: Mourners From White House Funeral of Robert Trump Punched A Restaurant Worker In The Face!!! Get All Insights Here!!

Shocking Incident at Robert Trump Funeral

A few days ago we were absolutely shocked by the demise of Robert Trump, brother of President Donald Trump.  He was admitted to a hospital in New York as he was having internal bleeding in his brain.
Donald Trump himself confirmed the definitely saddening news. Post the demise, there were several speculations about his Funeral procession during this pandemic.
Source: Dailymail
 The funeral of Robert Trump took place on Friday. Where a number of people joined the funeral procession, a certainly shocking incident came out from the funeral procession.

The Restaurant Worker Got Punched In The Nose

 One Unidentified person from the funeral procession of Robert Trump has allegedly misbehaved with a restaurant worker.  Yes!! This incident happened just after hours when Donald Trump held a service. Funeral services were held at the White House.
So after a few hours post-funeral, Unidentified people walked in  Fig and Olive Restaurant. When they didn’t found any particular space for dinner, they started misbehaving. Indeed this is a horrible incident. So one of the members of the group just got utterly aggressive and punched a restaurant worker in his nose.

The attackers were mourners from the White House Service

 Now the other servers have told the press that they are sure that those attackers were from Robert Trump funeral. They were carrying the funeral programs, indeed from White House only. The restaurant workers are telling they were the mourners from the White House Funeral Service.
Source: Dailymail
 The attacker just punched the worker in the nose. He was saying, “You don’t know how to speak to people”. Whereas the Restaurant workers were helpless. Because due to Covid-19 restrictions, they can’t allow huge groups in Restaurant to dine.
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