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Shocking Incidents Of Sexual Assaults Reported From West London!!Exclusive Details About The Culprit Are Here

Sexual Assault-Safety Issues!

As the world has reached the top scientific age, yet there is a group that’s still far from the safety issue. Yes, we are talking about the safety of women in this world. Take any corner of the world, it won’t be a surprise if we find any case related to the issue of women’s safety.

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Rather, it will be a surprise if we don’t find such a case. Recently, an incident has been reported from that corner of the world that’s claimed to be one of the most developed areas. Additionally, it is West London where an incident of assault against women has come into the light.

Shocking Incidents Revealed…

Two events of the same line shocked the authorities there. And even took a toll on the incident worldwide. Reportedly, a woman was grabbed and assaulted sexually in a park in West London. Also, the incident happened on Saturday afternoon in a park at The Gravel Pits Northwood.

The lady in her 20’s was grabbed by an unidentified man from the park. And she was taken to a secluded place where she is alleged to be assaulted sexually. Moreover, At about the same lines, a similar kind of incident happened at the Duck Pond Park in Luisilip.

They’re also a woman who was nabbed and assaulted with the same frame of assault. This second event involved a woman of about the age of ’50s. This shocking incident has happened about a day after the first one was reported. The culprit involved in the incident is said to have assaulted both the women sexually.

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He warns them not to scream otherwise he would use the knife to stop them doing so. Detective Sergeant Kevin Pandya, who’s investigating the matter, has come with some shocking details. He reveals that both attacks are committed by the same person.

Even, he described the attacker as a man of Asian origin, somewhat light-skinned black and in his 20-30’s. Also, sharing the details further, Kevin says the suspect is bald and he wore the same dark-colored tracksuit while attempting both the assaults.

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