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Woman Handcuffed Inside Patrol Car And Called Officer As A Master In Suffocation - The Tech Education
Shataean Kelly
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Shataean Kelly, A Black Woman Handcuffed Inside Patrol Car And Called Officer As A Master In Suffocation

The officer ignored Shataean Kelly while she was not able to breathe. However, she even desperately called an officer as a master while she remained upside down in the patrol car.

What Happened With Shataean Kelly When She Struggled Inside The Patrol Car?

The video revealed that she was inside the car, handcuffed for almost 21 minutes. The footage captured where she was not able to breathe and begged the officer to release her. However, she was upside down in the back seat of the car, and her head touched the floor as she mourned.

While she was hogtied, the police threw her in the back seat of the car; she begged to release her. She was in pain and also abused the officer for tying her like that. In the beginning, she was placed over the back seat, but later she struggled and fell with her head and touched the floor.

She begged to god that she is a good woman and also apologized to the officer for making such a mistake. After almost 21 min of the painful ride, a female officer was surprised to see her in such an awful condition. Later some other and including the female officer carried her out of the car, while she cried in pain.

During the day of Aurora hearing, the video was released in public. Although, it started when Levi Huffine appealed on February 2020 where he fired over the incident.

Here’s What Attorney Ben Crump Tweeted Concerning Kelly’s Arrest

Attorney Ben Crump tweeted a post on his timeline. He said that Shataean Kelly was handcuffed and she was driven for almost 21 mins while she could not breathe. He adds that it reminded him of Freddie Gray’s death that took place in police custody. In the end, he said that Cops should respect all citizens, and it’s unacceptable for the people to beg for their life.

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Kelly, who was just 28 years old, shouted and cried while the officer ignored her. She was struggling and was not able to move because she was hogtied.

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What Did Kelly Said During The Interview After She Got Arrested?

During the interview with Fox News 31, Kelly said that it was heartbreaking. She also told that after watching that video, she questioned the Police department, like how can they even treat the person like that.

Later she also said that even animals don’t deserve to go through with that pain. Kelly said that the officer treated her like she was less than the dirt on the ground.

However, before this incident, she was also arrested in the month of August. She was charged for fighting against a woman in a park.

With this during a recent interview, Kelly said that she supports Aurora police in every possible way. She also demanded Chief Venessa Wilson to fire the concerned officer who did this to her.

Kelly said to Chief that if she is listening to her, then she is doing the right thing. With this, she also appreciated Chief Venessa for attending her story and thanked her for her understanding her heart. She then ended by saying that what’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right, and she has to make justice.

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