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Seven Kings Must Die: Everything We Know So Far About ‘The Last Kingdom’ Movie

Seven Kings Must Die Release Date Status

Seven Kings Must Die Release Date

Even though Netflix’s The Last Kingdom has concluded its fifth and final season, the franchise’s future has been brightened with the announcement of a follow-up feature-length film titled Seven Kings Must Die. In this episode, we go over all you need to know about Seven Kings Must Die, including release date expectations, what the film’s narrative will be about, and who might be joining the cast of characters.The Last Kingdom is a Netflix original series developed by Stephen Butchard and based on the Saxon Stories literary series by Bernard Cornwell. It stars Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Emily Cox, Tobias Santelmann, and others, and follows the events of Cornwell’s novels The Pale Horseman, Sword Song, and Death of Kings, among other actors.

Seven Kings Must Die Release Date

In light of the fact that production began in January 2022, early projections estimate that viewers could see the finished product as early as the end of 2022. However, given the lack of a guaranteed release date and even a hint of a teaser, we believe Seven Kings Must Die will premiere sometime in early 2023. It will be directed by series regular Edward Bazalgette, with writer Martha Hillier, who penned the scripts for Seasons 4 and 5, onboard to write the script for the film. He also stated that the film will be based on Cornwell’s final three volumes of the Saxon Series – War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and The War Lord – in an interview with Radio Times. He also added the following:

“We did know there were a few more books following on from where we get to at the end of season 5. So we did start to talk to Netflix fairly early about whether we could tell that end piece of the jigsaw so that it would feel complete. And it was felt that the movie version was the right format to do that.” In addition, Marchant said that the film will be a stand-alone effort that will serve as an excellent introduction to the franchise for novices to the series: “Season 5 does feel like the end of the TV series, and the movie will be much more stand-alone. It’ll be an extra treat for the fans of the TV series, but you could also watch it even if you’ve never seen the TV show.”

Another plot point that has been mentioned by fans is the whereabouts of Uhtred’s third child, Osbert, and it is possible that the film may provide an answer as to where he was during the fourth season.

Seven Kings Must Die Expected Plotline

Although a summary for Seven Kings Must Die has not yet been released, we can expect the following elements to be included:

Uhtred the Saxon-Dane swore to be independent of any war between King Constantin of Alba and King Edward of Wessex after successfully restoring his ancestral land of Bebbanburg and in order for Uhtred to safeguard the peace. However, the independence of Bebbanburg means that Edward’s dream of a unified England is still in jeopardy. In other words, will another Wessex ruler betray Uhtred despite his promises? All Uhtred wants is to spend out his days in peace in Bebbanburg, but fate may have other plans for him, and once again Uhtred will find himself at the center of events that will shape the future of the country.

Seven Kings Must Die Expected Cast

In the press release for Seven Kings Must Die, it was announced that Alexander Dreymon will return to the film to reprise his role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg, which he had previously played. As previously reported, a number of characters from the program will return to reprise their roles, in addition to several new characters who have yet to be revealed.

We anticipate seeing the following cast members return for the second season:

 How Many More Adaptations Of The Saxon Stories Are There To Go?

A total of 10 novels from the Saxon Stories series by Bernard Cornwell have been covered by the end of the fifth season of The Last Kingdom.

While the program’s story has veered greatly from the novels, there are still elements of the novels’ story that the show incorporates and changes for its audience. In order to nitpick the plots of the remaining novels, War Of The Wolf, The Sword Of Kings, and War Lord, the writers will have only 120 minutes left to work on them.

The Last Kingdon Season 6 Trailer

The trailer have not arrived yet, but it will come soon till you can watch the previous season’s trailer at the given link.

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