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Selena Gomez Joins Into BlackPink’s New Icecream Challenge Which Is All Over The Internet Already

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez took up the Ice Cream Challenge on TikTok, and their synchronisation is unbelievable! The members of the BlackPink Jenny, Lisa, Jisu and Rose, reveal about their training days, fans and more.

Blackpink is already in our area, but for now, they are on the US cover of ELLE. The Korean girl group, which started in 2016 with Jenny, Lisa, Jisu and Rose, has come a long way. The singers broke records, collaborated with many American artists, and now Selena Gomez is the latest. Now they are being compared to Spice Girls, the legendary pop icon in terms of a proud magazine, cultural influence, huge fan base and world fame.

Selena Gomez
Source: Elle

Although Blackpink couldn’t meet Selena, owing to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, they interacted via video calls and shot their parts of the MV in their respective locations. The singers rocked the Ice Cream challenge wherein they replicated their dance moves from the original music video, as fans continue to enjoy the track. Selena, Jisu, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa recreated their dance steps from the music video for the TikTok challenge.

In the video, Jisu sported a beige, full-sleeved shirt with a black undershirt whereas Lisa looked pretty in an oversized cream sweater tucked into a pair of formal pants. Jennie rocked in a couple of checked pants with a chic printed top and a beret to complete her OOTD. Rose slipped in a crop top and a single buttoned crop sweater with a pair of pants for the video. In conclusion, Selena grooved in a white tee with the word “Vote” written on it while she placed a bunch of flowers on her head.

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Blackpink on their fans and support from Hollywood:

Lisa said her mother told her that the singer always sang and danced as a child, pretending to hold a mic. Speaking about Jisu, Jenny said that she is also interested in learning everything that motivates singer and K-drama actress Jenny. Rose completed the group, and in Jenny’s words, she gave the band “what music means to do”. The singer said that since Rose was born and raised in Australia, Jenny has helped her adjust to cultural differences.

Source: Elle

The singer also opened up during training about the members. BLINKS know that members have been together since the days of training. After their training, members go back home and order food and talk about how “scary” their teachers are. “And just as kids become friends at school, so do we. It’s so easy — we don’t have to try,” Jenny said.

Jisu also opened up about the love the band gets from BLINKS. She said their fans moved them. “We feel their sadness and joy. We are well connected,” she said.

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