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Selena Gomez Is Back With Trevor Daniel In His Latest Remix ‘Past life’

Our all-time favorite, one and only Selena Gomez is back now. Selena teamed with Trevor Daniel in his recent remix. The duo added magic to the emotional tune. The track “Past life” is released on 26th June. Talking about the track, it is definitely like a story with a kinda emotional touch. The melodious voice of Selena Gomez is making the track a great hit.
The latest hit is written by Caroline Pennell, Finneas O’Connell, Jay Stolar, Mick Coogan, Sean Myer, and the duo of Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel Neill. This song is produced by FINNEAS and Sean Myer. When Selena loved the remix’s first when Trevor shared forward it to her. The song is spiritual which touches the innermost of the soul.
In addition to this, the remix has amazing lyrics. Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel sang the lyrics back and forth to one another. The aura of this collective creation is unbelievable. The incredible buzz first came in the spotlight on 20th June. Trevor posted a selfie mirror starring Selena Gomez. A couple of days later he updated the netizens on Instagram.
Moreover, Selena Gomez was keeping herself in the spotlight by raising her voice against racism. She gave her account to Black leaders. The co-founder of black lives matters Alicia Garza in collaboration with Killer Mike and Stacey Abrams. They used the platform to teach the audience that black voices are not going to be silent.  In addition to this Selena gave her best to raise funds for Covid-19 reduction. She also launched her new series “Rare” on the 10th of January,2020. This album reached in top albums of the billboard.

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