Secretary Of States Says, Georgia Fraud Probes Won’t Change The Biden Victory!

Brad Raffensperger the Georgia Secretary had dismantled accusation of the wide spread voter fraud in the state, when the republican Senators Kelly and David and along with them the GOP chair have pulled and criticize the handling of the election.

“At the end of the day, we don’t see widespread voter fraud, but we will investigate every case we hear on the matter,” as said by Raffensperger.

As said by him he had acknowledge that election already had multiple investigator’s in the run. And as per him they haven’t raised the number to 14000 as per which Trump is trailing President elect Biden.

The Loeffler and Perdue the Senators who will face the Democratic opponents in the coming January that to in the run-off election, and as per the report they have called on Raffensperger to move down because Democrats have the chance to win in the traditionally red state of Georgia.

They even put allegation on Raffensperger of mismanagement and lack of transparency while in the election, and there were too many drawbacks in the election process.

Raffensperger further as we can see called for a hand recount of all the polling booths ballots that have cast their vote for the president election, which will build a confidence in Georgia electoral system.

He asked them to remove any illegal voting but also said that their vote matters which means of every Georgian citizen. And he bounces back a statement saying that before any businessman or any business people put any notice they should well support that with accurate facts.

While in a press conference about the recounting of the vote Raffensperger said “it would be an audit, a recount and a recanvas all at once.” And this would be done with accurate and to the point precision and as promised would be done without partisanship.

Well this time it would be a proper transparent system where the process takes place, at that point we’ll have people behind us, and even behind all the vote counters people.

We will be watched by Democrats eyes, Republican eyes on that and also Independent eyes to make sure that this time it should be accurate counting with no more deviations.


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