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Second Stimulus Check: Americans wait for the Second Stimulus Check as the Senate finally returns! Will the ‘HEROES Act’ be passed as a law?

The Senate has returned and now the lawmakers are set to focus on a Second Stimulus package. The Upper Chamber of The Congress went on recess last month. The Americans are waiting for the economic relief package amid the pandemic crisis.

The Bipartisan agreement between the Democrats and the Republicans for the Second Stimulus Check is only being stalled. Though both the parties have agreed on a Second Stimulus Check, they fail to be at par with other major criterion.

Mitch McConnell, revealed last week during an event in Kentucky, that he wasn’t  “sure whether we’ll get another rescue package or not.”

Mitch McConnell to decide upon the payment in the second stimulus package

The Democrats ‘Heroes Act,’ passed in the House in May, looked up at $3.4 trillion, while Republicans only willing to spend $1 trillion.

The return of the Senate, will now decide on the amount to be spent on the relief package. A $ 500 billion proposal is set to be put forth this week. But anticipation lurks that this may exclude, another Stimulus Check round.

Last week, Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority leader said, in his Letter to the Senate Democrats that: the skinny Bill should be called emaciated “more appropriately.”

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker criticized her political counterparts for their stance in the relief bill.

She said in her statement released on Monday: “Sadly, this Labor Day, America’s workers are facing the staggering assault on their health and economic security from the unprecedented coronavirus crisis. Yet, with millions of workers still unemployed and millions more at risk of losing their jobs, Republicans and the Trump Administration continue to ignore the scale of the crisis and refuse to lift a finger to help working families.”

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The House Ways and Means Committee took to Twitter addressing McConnell and Senate GOP: “During the over 100 days @SenateMajldr has ignored the HEROES Act, Americans lost their homes and children went hungry, @SenateGoPreturns to work tomorrow. They should consider doing the job.”

A constant force has been put to make the HEROES Act, a law. Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator wrote: “Do your job. Let us pass the Heroes Act or legislation that is even better.”

The HEROES Act is ready to assign $1200 to every eligible individual. An equal amount to be invested in the ‘CARES Act’ and the money for dependents will be paid at altered rates.



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