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Sarah Logan Is Back With The Viking Raiders In WWE

Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan

On Friday’s SmackDown it was official that Sara Logan was back in WWE action.

In the last month or so, Logan’s voice could be heard in a few short clips for The Viking Raiders. She finally showed up in person on Friday night, just before Erik and Ivar came back as a tag team to attack everyone in sight.

Legado del Fantasma leader Zelina Vega was getting ready to face Hit Row’s B-FAB in a singles match when the lights went out and a woman’s voice said, “Valhalla Is Here!” Then Logan showed up, and it didn’t take long before her Viking Raider friends beat up both groups (or some members of them).

Michael Cole said that The Raiders were back to being the best tag team in SmackDown. People think that Logan will also work some women’s matches and be in charge of Erik and Ivar during their tag matches.

This is the first time WWE fans have seen Sarah since January when she made a short appearance at the 2022 Royal Rumble. That didn’t lead to anything more serious, but she is now back at work full-time.

Soon, there will be six-person tags next to Hit Row and del Fantasma.

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