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Microsoft Lets Out A shocking News That The Russian Hackers Target US Campaigns

Microsoft claims that the Russian hackers who targeted the Democrats in 2016 are trying to target US campaigns.

Microsoft’s Statement

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On Thursday, Microsoft said that the same unit which disrupted the Democrats is now hell bend on targeting more than 200 groups including the US political campaigns.

Microsoft Vice President wrote on his blog,

“What we’ve seen is consistent with previous attack patterns that not only target candidates and campaign staffers but also those who they consult on key issues.”

Fancy Bears

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Tom Burt, the Vice President, said even Uk and European groups are targeted. He didn’t say these without proof as they have stopped most of the hackings done by Russia, China and Iran.

But they didn’t say anything about if any of them have successfully hacked through their system.

It is a fact that the Russian favours Trump while the Chinese Biden but Microsoft said the Chinese tried to get information on high profiles connected to the party of Biden.

Usually, China searches for leverage on economic development while Russia leans towards weapon power.

But in 2016, Russia leaked out embarrassing and private conversations of John Podesta, the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton in an attempt to gain favour towards Trump.

These hacking units are named Fancy Bears.




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