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Rumoured RTX 3090 Specs Hint At A Beast Of A Graphics Card

The upcoming, yet-unannounced RTX 3090 from NVIDIA might be quite the monster when it comes to churning out amazing gaming performance. Keep in mind, NVIDIA hasn’t technically announced the 3000 series of graphics cards.

RTX 3090’s Rumoured Benchmark Scores Are Insane

This is all speculation, but it’s likely going to end up being true, so might as well talk about it. Not like we have anything better to do, anyway. KatCorgi, a reliable leaker on Twitter posted some details about the potential benchmark scores for the RTX 3090.

“RTX 3090 may up tp 50% PERFORMANCE INCREASE in TimeSpy Extreme ?????”, reads their latest tweet. TimeSpy Extreme is a benchmarking tool that many PC enthusiasts use to test a graphics card’s capabilities.

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super
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RTX 3090 Seemingly Much Better Than RTX 2080 Ti

This 50% performance increase is also apparently in comparison with the RTX 2080Ti. The 2080 Ti is currently the most powerful consumer graphics card on the market. So, a 50% performance increase over it is nothing to scoff at.

Previously, KatCorgi had mentioned that the rumoured RTX 3080 was a 20% performance increase over the 2080 Ti. That may not be enough of a jump for people to shell out their hard-earned money. These graphics cards don’t come cheap, after all.

Source: nvidia.com

RTX 3000 Series Might Manage High Frame Rate 4K Gaming

So, the power of the RTX 3090 might’ve been to compensate for that. How does this increase in benchmark scores translate to gaming performance, though? After all, people don’t splurge on this top tier hardware just to run benchmarks and compare numbers.

According to GameRant’s Jared Carvalho, the RTX 3090 might be capable of running games in 4K at around 130fps. The RTX 2080 Ti does run games at 4K, but the frame rates aren’t nearly as high. It varies from game to game, of course, but 4K gaming is still extremely taxing, even for a card as powerful as that.

So, if the RTX 3090 is able to run games at high frame rates, even at 4K, might be enough to warrant an upgrade.

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