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Robert Downey Jr In Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie

Robert Downey Jr is an American actor who is best known for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel Universe.

It is without a doubt that Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor who only gives out brilliant performances.

Spiralling Life

Robert Downey Jr
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Robert had a glorious starting career, and later all went south because of substance abuse and legal cases. But he turned his life around pretty soon after that.

Downey had a pretty troubled childhood too. It was his father who got him into drugs.

But soon fame came knocking his doors, and he rose to fame after playing Ironman nearly for ten years in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He recently said goodbye to it, which made lots of his fans sad and the movie that came after Doolittle didn’t bring him much success.

Christopher’s Nolan’s New Movie

Robert Downey Jr
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And now there is a talk going around in the Hollywood town that Robert Downey Jr is said to maybe work in a future project with the famous stellar film director Christopher Nolan.

Not many details are known about it yet, but Robert Downey Jr is trying to talk to Nolan for a new project once both are done with their current one.

With Nolan’s latest movie yet to be released it may take some time for him to work again and also there has been a rumour going on that that Warner Bros want him to return for either anĀ Inception spinoff.

Anyhow If Christopher Nolan and Robert Downey Jr did work in a new movie, it would be a feast to both of their fans.

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