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Show Posing In Black Basque And Fishnet Tights, Looks As Ravishing As Ever - The Tech Education
Source: Daily Mail
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Rihanna Promotes Her Upcoming Show Posing In Black Basque And Fishnet Tights, Looks As Ravishing As Ever

Rihanna recently rocked the Instagram as she uploaded some very sensuous pictures. And it was a part of the promotion of her upcoming show Savage x Fenty Vol.2.

Rihanna Slays In Her New Instagram Pictures

The 32 year old singer posted some pictures in which she looked sassy and bold. Actually the pictures were from Savage x Fenty press day which she attended to promote her new show.

Source: Instagram

So Rihanna has recently turned to designing lingerie. As she posted the pictures we couldn’t help but notice her amazing sense of style. In  one of the pictures we saw her getting pictured from behind.

Rihanna always has her posing game strong. And even this time she wooed us with her amazing poses. Also she uploaded the picture with a caption saying ‘Savagenotsorry bih.’

Her Overall Look

So Rihanna completely amazed us with her absolutely sensuous look. The Shine Like a Diamond singer opted for a black basque accompanied by sheer black stockings.

Source: Daily Mail

As for her hairs, she chose to go for a bold braid. The songstress had her make up totally on point.  As she slayed her bold eye look and also donned a boldly contoured makeup look.

We absolutely love the way she carried her entire look. Talking about her upcoming show Savage X Fenty Show Vol 2 , it is basically a fashion show that will premiere on Amazon Prime soon. As we know that Rihanna has recently turned to lingerie designing so in the show we will witness top models walking the ramp in Rihanna’s collection.

We are really excited for her new show. And we hope that just like her songs even her upcoming fashion show turns successful.

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