FILE - This photo provided by the Lincoln, Neb., police department, shows Lincoln police officer Luis "Mario" Herrera. Authorities said Herrera, who was shot while attempting to arrest a 17-year-old on an assault charge, died Monday, Sept. 7, 2020, after a nearly two-week battle to save his life. (Lincoln Police Department via AP, File)
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Reports Are Out- Nebraska Police Dies After Getting Shot While Serving A Warrant. Was It Hospital’s Inability To Save Him?

Luis “Mario” Herrera, a 23 year old veteran of Lincoln Police Department, Nebraska. He was shot when he was attending to a warrant against a 17-year-old boy. However, the officer survived for almost two weeks and fought for his life, but couldn’t at the end.

The passed officer was shot on the 26th of August when he was attempting to arrest a second degree warrant’s accused. The warrant was related to the homicide case of March. This was what the department of Lincoln Posted on Facebook.

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Victim’s department further said that he was provided with all the medical cares and health attention. He was tended with utmost care and it is so sad that he succumbed to his injuries. Unlimited prayers and wishes were sent to him when he was at the hospital fighting for his life. His family, communities and rest of the officers tried their best to make him come back. But he took his last breath in the morning of September 7.

Honoring The Deceased Police Officer!

It is such an unfortunate news about the honest investigator that came out and broke everyone’s heart. He had a family behind him looking out to save him. The passes is also a father to four children and a dedicated husband to a wife.

The department further extended their concerns and regrets towards the family and the officer. They say that ‘sadness’ is just a very small word in front of what they are feeling about thinking that they won’t be able to work with Mario ever again. They further supports the deceased officer’s wife Carrie and children and console them to stay strong.

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The department and the government would never be able to return back the sacrifices the family and Mario has made.

He was a kind and dedicated officer. Always thought about others and never stepped low for anybody. In this honor for the officer A flag shall be raised, said the govt. of Nebraska.

His ‘service and sacrifice shall never be forgotten’. We give our hearty concerns to his wife and lots of love and healing to the family Stay tuned!



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