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Remdesiver – Price Hike

The Dreaded Pandemic

All of a sudden, an alarming situation knocked on the door in the form of a virus- The Corona Virus that is Covid-19.
It has taken nearly the whole of the world in its grip. More than a crore cases have touched the tally till now. And still, it is growing at a very fast rate throughout the globe.

The virus, originating from a small place, reaching the whole country, and finally landed overseas and now throughout the globe, has attacked the whole of humanity.
This Coronavirus has traveled a very large distance but has taken a very small time to attain the title of a “Pandemic”.
The death toll is no less than a shock to the whole world. And still counting each day to reach an unexpected tally that no one can predict.

In these uncertain times, even developed nations, whom we look upon for medical facilities, too failed to give any vaccination or even an effective drug.
In fact, WHO is insisting on the uncertainties about any vaccination in near future or ever.
But still, many of the drugs have entered trial phases as they are effective in some cases.
One such drug, Remdesivir, is an attention seeker.

It has proven its worth in saving many lives of the critical Corona-hit patients.
Many countries, including the US, have given permission for its emergency use.


Latest on Remdesivir, yesterday Gilead Sciences Inc announced the pricing for this Remdesivir.
The company has capped the price at about $2,340 per patient. It is a price settled for the wealthier nations.
In the US, Gilead will provide this drug with a price tag of $3,120 per course for patients who have any commercial insurance.

Price Hike

However, ICER, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, latest by last week, in the US, has capped the price within the range of $2,520 to $2,800.
The company has claimed that the price of $2,340 is below, even than that prescribed by ICER.

However, many of the experts are criticizing the pricing for the drug by Gilead, saying that it is way more expensive for a simple drug.
To this, Gilead’s Chief Executive, Daniel O’Day, has issued an open letter. The letter states that the drug can save around $12,000 per patient as it reduces the patient’s hospitalization cost.
Reportedly, this drug can make a patient healthy in 5-6 days.

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