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Redbridge At Risk Of Going Into A Local Lockdown After Having The Highest Number Of Corona Virus Cases

Corona Virus Outbreak causes a ruckus in London. Across all London boroughs Redbridge on the verge of facing lockdown with the highest rate of Corona cases. Newham and Havering stand close behind.  The data released by Public Health England show the rolling seven-day rate of Covid infections. Redbridge stands at having 36 cases per 100,000 citizens.

The next highest borough names Hounslow with a rate of os 32.4 cases followed. Havering has a rate of 32 and Newham stands at 30.3.

Corona Outbreak at Redbridge
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In seven days, Redbridge reported a number of 110 new infected up until September 7. The data rose up to 110 from 44.

Director of Public Health, Gladys Xavier said: “We have to take these figures seriously and ensure that we don’t end up in lockdown as we’ve seen in other regions in the country.”

A video was published on the internet that lists all numbers related to the pandemic. A magazine published the measures that have to be taken amidst this pandemic. The article asked its readers to remember the importance of,

  • maintaining distance
  • washing and sanitizing hands regularly
  • wearing a face mask
  • getting a test at potential symptoms

Xavier also requested the readers to avoid visiting elderly or vulnerable relatives if one is feeling unwell.

Jas Athwal, Redbridge council leader said that this news is rather worrying. “the infection rate is going up in our borough putting local people at risk. We must act now and do everything we can to avoid a local lockdown and keep our friends, family members, and neighbours safe.”

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It defines an area to be a hotspot (Redbridge) if weekly reported cases per 100,000 people exceed 50.

The government is working to bring down the number of cases. the best way to do that is to limit the number of contacts people have. The latest government guidelines ask citizens to not mix in groups of more than six people.

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Havering had a total of 83 new cases in the week up to September 7, compared to 46 in the previous week. Double the previous week, Newham has 107 new cases.

Imperial College of London claims to have a tool that predicts the hotspots that might happen in the near future.

Corona Virus symptoms include high temperature, continuous cough and a loss of sense of taste or smell. Development of any of those mentioned, should self isolate themselves.

If you have been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case, you will need to complete your 14-day isolation period, even if you test negative.

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