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During Melbourne's Draconian Lockdown -
Rebecca Judd
Source: Instagram
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Rebecca Judd Shows Off Her Stunning Figure In Bikini While Sunbathing During Melbourne’s Draconian Lockdown

Rebecca Judd
Source: Instagram

Rebecca Judd is trying to make the best of Melbourne’s severe lockdown by sunbathing at her Brighton mansion. The mother of four, Judd flaunts her superb physique in a cleavage-revealing apricot two-piece.

The post was a sponsored one as she took to promote a brand of sunscreen.

Rebecca captions the photo as “Sunny Days + @theskincarecompany Dry Touch SPF50”.

Rebecca Says She Is “Done” With The Melbourne Lockdown

Rebecca Judd
Source: My Little Tribe

The model has been talking about her irritation with Melbourne’s severe lockdown measures.

She is staying in her Melbourne mansion with her four children and her husband, Chris.

This Tuesday, Rebecca said on her KIIS FM radio show that she’s over the stage-four restrictions of the lockdown. She also says that she cannot wait to travel soon.

She further says “If you add three weeks prior to stage four, we were already in stage three…we’re over the hump and on the home stretch!”.

“I’m done… I’m out,”

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What Has Rebecca Been Doing To Tackle The Boring Lockdown?

Rebecca Judd
Source: Instagram

The model is making sure to beat the boredom of the lockdown by doing all sorts of things. One day back, Rebecca shared the secret behind her beautiful hair.

In her Instagram stories, she shared her secret to keeping her hair bouncy without a wash. She gives the credit to a newly launched dry shampoo from the brand, Klorane Australia.

Rebecca says “It’s really invigorating and refreshing…You are going to love it! And I have not washed my hair in, like, four days. I’ve been using this every day. It’s like magic!”

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She also posted a photo to highlight the brand, captioning it saying “Ladies, there’s a new @kloraneau dry shampoo available. Introducing detox dry shampoo with aquatic mint”

She also adds “#partner” to let her followers know that the post is a sponsored one.

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