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What Makes It Different From The Realme X7 Pro - The Tech Education
Realme X7
Realme X7
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Realme X7: What Makes It Different From The Realme X7 Pro

Realme is one of the mass Smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company not only makes smartphones but also makes many Electronic gadgets. The company provides a wide range of choices to consumers so that they can afford a new phone based on their spec requirements. We all know that Realme makes smartphones. In addition to that, the company makes other electronic gadgets that are super popular and affordable. Everyone is familiar with the Realme X7 Series as the devices have been surfacing the internet for many weeks, and they are now official.

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Specifications Of Realme X7

The design and camera units of both devices are quite similar, but there are a lot of changes between both the devices. Firstly, the device has a 6.4″ AMOLED display with a standard refresh rate, whereas the Realme X7 Pro comes with a larger display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Talking about the chipset, the device comes with a new mid-range chipset from MediaTek, and it is the new MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G. The chipset comes along with the Mali G57 GPU. When it comes to the Realme X7 Pro, it has the flagship MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chipset, so the Pro variant has a better performance.

The device comes in two memory variants featuring 6GB and 8GB of RAM with an internal storage of 128GB. When it comes to the camera setup, both devices have a similar setup. The device features a 64MP camera unit, which is the main shooter. The rest of the rear camera units are the 8MP ultra-wide snapper, and the remaining are two 2MP camera units featuring macro and depth sensors, respectively. Talking about the selfie camera, it has a 32MP camera unit in the hole-punch of the display.

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Realme X7
Realme X7

The device runs on the 4300mAh battery and supports 65W fast charging. As per the company claims, the device can charge from 0 to 100% in just 33 minutes. Talking about the Biometric setup, it has an in-display optical fingerprint sensor and supports basic face unlock.

Conclusion And Info about Prices

All things considered, we can say that the Realme X7 is a decent mid-range device. The main changes between both the devices are the display size, refresh rates, performance (chipset), and battery size. When it comes to availability, the device is available in three colors featuring Blue, White, and Rainbow.¬†Talking about the prices, the price of the device starts from $265. The global availability of the device isn’t unveiled yet.

Realme X7
Realme X7 colors

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