Realme Buds Air Neo: One Of The Best Affordable TWS Earphones Ever Made

Realme is one of the mass Smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company not only makes smartphones but also makes many Electronic gadgets. It has released many smartphones which not only have High Specs but also have Low Specs. The company provides a wide range of choices to consumers so that they can afford a new phone based on their spec requirements. We all know that Realme makes smartphones, some times the company makes other gadgets such as Earphones, Earbuds, Powerbanks, and Smart bands. Realme gadgets are very popular with a decent price tag and very reliable to use. They have also received many positive reviews and ratings so far. Let us talk about the new Realme Buds Air Neo which is True Wireless Earphones.

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Info about Realme Buds Air Neo:

Realme Buds Air Neo is lightweight and very comfortable to use. They are super comfortable and very reliable to use. The TWS Realme Buds Air Neo works on Bluetooth® 5.0 technology featuring Dual Channel Transmission. The TWS earphones feature a mindblowing 13mm large bass boost drivers which give the users ultimate listening experience. The device also supports Super Low Latency Mode, which helps in bringing a quick output of the sound without any delay. The company claims that the TWS earphones have a 50% Lower Latency levels when compared to a normal mode. In addition to these, these TWS earphones support Instant Auto Connection, which saves a lot of time. As pairing Bluetooth devices are some times time-consuming.

In addition to these above features, Realme Buds Air Neo also supports gestures such as Double Tap to Answer a Call or Play/Pause Music, Triple Tap to play Next Song, Press and Hold to End Call, and Press and Hold Both Sides to Enter or Exit Super Low Latency Mode. When it comes to Battery life, the TWS earphones last 3 hours on a single charge and lasts 17 hours along with the case.

Here are some of the main features in Bulleted List for Quick Access to its Features;

  • Realme Buds Air Neo features 13mm large Bass Boost drivers.
  • Supports Bluetooth® 5.0 technology featuring Dual Channel Transmission.
  • Supports Super Low Latency Mode.
  • Capable of Instant Auto Connection.
  • Supports Wide-range of Gestures.
  • Amazing Battery Life with 3 hours on a single charge and 17 hours along with the case.


All things considered, we can say that the Realme Buds Air Neo is one of the best TWS Earphones ever made. People who are interested in buying a TWS Earphones at an affordable cost can consider this as a choice. When it comes to the price tag they cost around $40 (INR 2,999) and is available in three colors -White, Red, and Green and ready to purchase from May 25th of 2020.

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