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n2, z, euh, w, n8, ciu, kp, yh, t1v, fn, oc0, RCB Vs MI: RCB Wins The Match Whereas MI Player Ishan Kishan Wins Hearts! 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Ishan Kishan
Source: BBC Hindi
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RCB Vs MI: RCB Wins The Match Whereas MI Player Ishan Kishan Wins Hearts! Click To Know More

In the previous IPL 2020 match RCB won against MI. But MI player Ishan Kishan showed phenomenal performance on the pitch. And no wonder everyone is going gaga over this new player of Mumbai Indians.

Ishan Kishan Wins Hearts

The match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore made us witness some historic performances. And one among them is phenomenal innings by Ishan Kishan.

Ishan Kishan
Source: BBC Hindi

This Mumbai Indian player amazed everyone by scoring massive 99 runs on just 58 balls. And he was just a run away from scoring a century. Although this left the 22 year old player a bit heart broken, but didn’t stop him from getting appreciation from his fans for his amazing innings.

It was Ishan who took Mumbai Indians till the super over. Even though the team couldn’t win the match but Ishan proved to be the ultimate winner. Because people are talking about Ishan’s performance rather than the winning team i.e the RCB.

And undoubtedly this has to be the best achievement for any young player.

His Absence In The Super Over

Ishan Kishan’s massive score led his team till the super over. But the thing which came as a shock to everyone was that he was not seen anywhere during the super over.

Ishan Kishan
Source: India TV News

Everyone was expecting Kishan to deliver some more hits, but to everyone’s surprise it was  Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya who came to bat during the super over. But later on MI skipper Rohit Sharma revealed that reason on why was Ishan missing from super over.

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And the reason was that, he was completely exhausted and was in need to some rest. Therefore sending him to the pitch at that condition would really hamper his performance.

But after MI suffered a defeat in the super over many people are claiming that things would have been different if Ishan would have come to bat in the super over.

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