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gto, dw, Ashwin Sustains A Shoulder Injury! Will He Be Able To Make A Comeback?
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Ravi Ashwin Sustains A Shoulder Injury! Will He Be Able To Make A Comeback?

Ravichandran Ashwin, known as the senior spin-off cricketer of the Indian cricket team suffers from a nasty shoulder injury. IPL ( Indian Premier League) 2020 is rocking the charts and fans are going crazy to see all the big cricketers in the field again in this Pandemic. Where every plan of people all over the world got delayed or cancelled IPL brings peace to Indians on so many levels. It’s already been three days and three matches of the 2020 IPL saga. And we all know, that things get dirty and players sometimes get hurt amidst the games and tournaments. And so did, the beloved Ashwin of the whole India.

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Ashwin Gets Himself Injured!

On Sunday while batting the last ball of his first over Ravi Ashwin got himself stuck with a nasty shoulder injury. This happened when the match was between the kinds XI Punjab and Delhi Capitals. Ashwin picked up two wickets in his first five balls. Hence being confident in his gameplay he dived to stop Glenn Maxwell from picking a run. And then was the moment where he landed badly on his left shoulder and injured himself pretty badly. The poor guy was just trying to stop the ball off of his own bowling.

By the amount of damage he has caused himself, it doesn’t seem that Ravi would be seen on the field anytime soon. Not at least in the coming two matches of Delhi Capitals. He was immediately attended by the physiotherapist Patrick Farhad. And then for Ashwin’s replacement, the audience saw the entry of Ajinkya Rahane, who is not a less legend himself.

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Shreyas Iyer then, the captain of Delhi Capitals said that the team thought it was bad but it is no. Thankfully. Ashwin himself says that he will be ready for the next match. But in the end it is always the orders of the physio that would be taken into consideration.

Fans are hoping they don’t get to see Ashwin missing from the field for too long. And hope that Ashwin doesn’t suffer from something too serious. We would love to see him back in the game. And that too, soon. Stay tuned!

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