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Cardi B Files A Divorce Against Husband Offset, Says She 'Didn't Shed A Tear.' - The Tech Education
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Rapper Cardi B Files A Divorce Against Husband Offset, Says She ‘Didn’t Shed A Tear.’

Cardi B and her husband offset were already in buzz as they declared openly for their break up two years back.

This fantastic couple tied there nut secretly in September 2017. Recently Cardi B had filed a divorce against her husband on Tuesday at Atlanta courthouse.

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Her marriage life shattered, and there’s no possibility of reconciliation. Rapper Cardi says she didn’t shed tears after filing for divorce.

The singer revealed her detachment in Instagram on live video. She stated that she is fine, and the reason behind the same is her fans and followers.

Additionally, she said she gets love showered upon her from her fans.

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After three years of marriage, she is able to take the step of separation.

Appreciating her fans, Cardi thanked everyone. However, she portrayed herself as a bold lady who did not shed a single tear.

Cheating Or Lack Of Intimacy?

Cardi B cleared all the rumours saying that her divorce is not because of none of that s** or neither because of cheating.

Since denying rumours that Offset “has a baby on the way. I’m seeing people saying Oh! he has a baby on the way. That’s a whole complete lie”.she replied.

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Cardi had two years old daughter Kulture Kiari from rapper offset.

Furthermore, she disclosed that she is tired of the arguments. She wants to see things. However, she is exhausted from the people surrounding her.

Cardi B repeatedly said that she doesn’t do stunts. Moreover, she won’t do anything that would affect her family

However, by shutting down the charges that she is filing divorce for clout. According to her, there should be no reason for a divorce.

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